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Alumni are one of the strong pillars of SMBS. The institute has strong and supportive alumni, who help in placement activities and other areas by providing information of their industries, view on current topics, corporate culture and personal tips on career development for students. The institute has alumni coordinators from each batch and they organize regular events with the guidance of a Faculty coordinator.


School of Management and Business Studies have a well-managed student club by the name SMBS Nature club which is fully managed and operated by the students. As a result of that the quadrangle garden is maintained in the center of the campus.

DISHA 2018

Disha 2018 was a mega Job Fair conducted by the Employability center Kottayam in association with Placement and Training Cell Mg University, in MG University Campus. Around 50 companies came for recruitment and around 5000 people participated in it. Our students got the opportunity to be the volunteers of the program. Through this, Students were able to present our skills in coordinating many activities and managing the whole event. Students of SMBS appreciated for the successful execution of the program.


Over the last three decades, Mahatma GandhiUniversity has made remarkable achievements in the fields of interdisciplinary teaching and research in the areas of pure and applied sciences, social sciences and humanities and carried out extensive extension activities. The university has always strived to bring thelearning for the benefit of the society, As part of the Shasthrayan scheme funded by RUSA Kerala, which was aimed at showcasing the research and extension activities to the general public, Mahatma Gandhi University observed ‘2 Days Open House’ on 26th and 27th February 2018. Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, Former ISRO Chairman inaugurated Shasthrayan 2018. On these two days public, including the students and teachers of schools and colleges were invited to various  teaching departments/centers. Laboratories and allowed to see and interact with faculty to know the work carried out by university departments and centers. School of management and business studies was in the forefront on these two days and had won the appreciation of the visitors. The students of SMBS demonstrated their learning with creativity by putting up stalls on Kitchen management by mother, live auto expo, Crypto currency, Jugaad innovation, Robotics and AI etc.

Onam celebration

On 15-08-2017 the School of management and business studies celebrated onam on the school’s premises amidst much fanfare involving staff and management of the school. The main attractions of the programme were onappattu, skits, speech, group songs, and solo songs by the teachers of the school and the Thiruvathira Kali by female teachers. The arrival of Mahabali amid the beats of panchavadyam was well-received by the audience











Teachers day

With  due solemnity and reverence to pay homage to the great teacher, philosopher and guide of our nation, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Teacher’s Day was celebrated with zeal and zest on September 5, 2017 at the school of management and business studies  . The students, teachers and staffs of the departments, along with the help of the Student’s Union, organised the event with pomp and grandeur.