Monday, October 2, 2023
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Graduate Attributes of Mahatma Gandhi University

Critical thinking and analytical reasoning      

Capability to analyse, evaluate and interpret evidence, arguments, claims, beliefs on the basis of empirical evidence; reflect relevant implications to the reality; formulate logical arguments; critically evaluate practices, policies and theories to develop knowledge and understanding; able to envisage the reflective thought to the implication on the society.

Scientific reasoning and Problem solving        

Ability to analyse, discuss, interpret and draw conclusions from quantitative/qualitative data and experimental evidences; and critically evaluate ideas, evidence and experiences from an unprejudiced and reasoned perspective; capacity to extrapolate from what one has learned and apply their competencies to solve problems and contextualise into research and apply one’s learning to real life situations.

Multidisciplinary/ Interdisciplinary/ Transdisciplinary approach    

Acquire interdisciplinary /multidisciplinary/ transdisciplinary knowledge base as a consequence of the learning they engage with their programme of study; develop a collaborative- multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary- approach for formulate constructive arguments and rational analysis for achieving common goals and objectives.

Intra and Interpersonal skills        

Ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams; facilitate collaborative and coordinated effort on the part of a group, and act together as a group or a team in the interests of a common cause and work efficiently as a member of a team; lead the team to guide people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way.

Digital literacy   

Capability to use ICT in a variety of learning situations, demonstrate ability to access, choose, collect and evaluate, and use a variety of relevant information sources; structure and evaluate those data for decision making.

Global Citizenship  

Building a sense of belonging to a common humanity and to become responsible and active global citizens. Appreciation and adaptation of different sociocultural setting.

Social competency   

Possess knowledge of the values and beliefs of multiple cultures, appreciate and adapt to a global perspective; and capability to effectively engage in a multicultural society and interact respectfully, manage and lead with diverse groups.

Equity, Inclusiveness and Sustainability

Appreciate and embrace equity, inclusiveness and sustainability and diversity; acquire ethical and moral reasoning and values of unity, secularism and national integration to enable to act as dignified citizens; able to understand and appreciate diversity

Lifelong learning         

Continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills. Learn, unlearn and re- learn based on changing ecosystem. “Learning how to learn”, that are necessary for participating in learning activities throughout life, through self-paced and self-directed learning aimed at personal development, meeting economic, social and cultural objectives, and adapting to changing trades and demands of work place through knowledge/skill development/reskilling.